I Want The Moon is a dark hardcore band based in Athens, Greece. The band started rehearsing in June 2011.
Coming from diverse musical backgrounds we are trying to agglomerate our different musical & cultural influences. Rock’n’roll rebellion, the diy spirit of Punk, the dark mood of the ’80’s, are all mixed with the energy of Hardcore. The compositions are dark and more or less dreary yet melodic and sometimes atonal.
Our identity is reflected in the way we live, behave and create. We prefer to play benefit gigs in squats, self managed venues, or temporary autonomous zones with free entrance.
Despite of all the angst that stems from our surroundings and is imprinted in our music we do have a positive stance and manage to keep our creative think tank full of benevolent energy in order to cope with the bleakness around us.
The lyrical themes deal with frustration and anger instilled with allegories and cynicism that emerge from the fact that we live in a fascist police state controlled by political mafia and supported by corrupted conservative minds.
We just released a totally diy and self financed 10” ep entitled “Downfall”, which apart from the entities that run this band, is a truly collective work including all those who support and/or inculcate their unique personalities through this whole endeavor so as to bring it to life: from the graphic designer, the typographer, the distributors and the people or collectives behind self managed venues. This is as well how we see the band’s future: as an experiment that relies on communication, solidarity, trust, integrity and consistency and of course the joy of creating new stuff.

T1, guitar (thisGhost)
Alex, vocals (Negative Stance/Αρνητική Στάση, thisGhost)
Mel, bass (Straighthate, Hibernation/Χειμερία Νάρκη)
Bill, drums